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January Final Exam Schedule

Public exams are in bold. They are three hours in length.

General tests are in italics. They are one hour and will be written in the classroom.

There will be a PD day Tuesday, February 11th.

Students will only be excused from school examinations with a Certificate of Medical Incapacity to write or on prior authorization from the Administration. The Department of Education has specific instruction with regards to missing public examinations. Please use this link to obtain the necessary information.

Italicized assessments indicate this is a one hour test. Location of these tests will be announced on the day of the assessment. Students are not permitted to leave until the hour is finished.

PUBLIC EXAMS are indicated in Bold.

Students are not permitted to leave the exam area in the first hour. Personal emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Books, notes, electronic devices, cell phones, purses, school bags and outerwear must be left in the student’s locker.

The alternative exam rooms are Rm. 217 & 210. They will open at 8:20 and at 11:50. Students are expected to be on time.

Students in school during non-exam time or lunch time must proceed to and remain in the LRC or Cafeteria.

Once a student has finished an exam (after the mandatory 1 hour period) they must either proceed to the LRC, Cafeteria or leave school premises entirely.


Daily School Life

If your child is sick or will be absent with your permission, please email

Our new schedule layout is as follows:

Our bell schedule is as follows:

  • Doors Open - 8:25
  • Initial Bell - 8:40
  • Period One - 8:42-9:40
  • Period Two - 9:42-10:40
  • Recess - 10:40-10:58
  • Period Three - 11:00-11:58
  • Period Four - 12:00-12:58
  • Lunch - 12:58-1:58
  • Period Five - 2:00-2:58

Parents can access powerschool at It is advisable to check powerschool frequently to be aware of upcoming deadlines for your child and to ensure their marks are up to date and current. If you require log in information, please check with the school office.

For students taking the school bus, our daily bus schedule can be found here.

We follow an Assessment and Evaluation Policy for all evaluations. For more information on this policy, you can access it here.

Helpful information

We publish report cards four times a year. After these reports, in both November and February, we hold Parent-Teacher-Student interviews. During these times, you can schedule your appointment using our Online Parent Teacher Scheduler (OPTIS).

The Department of Education publishes a handbook to help ensure parents and students are picking courses that will ensure their success in High School. You can access this resource here.

Every course we offer has a set, provincially developed and approved curriculum. The Department of Education has curriculum guides available here.

At PWC we work to ensure our culture is safe and welcoming for our students, staff and parents. We work with the Department of Education and follow their Safe and Caring School Policy. If parents or students have any concerns, they should contact a teacher or a member of our guidance team.

Our school behavioral code - the Cavalier Code - can be found here.

Our cafeteria menu can be found here.

Students have access to free Wi-Fi within the school once they have a signed Acceptable Use of Technology form. Having this form signed and returned is important as it also allows them to access google classroom and the computers within the building.

Our calendar for the year, including PD days and school holidays can be accessed here.

We follow the NLESD policies for technology use:

Security Issues

At times, we will have to initiate security practices. These include both Secure School and Lockdowns. Our policies and procedures for each can be found below.

Prince of Wales Collegiate Secure School Procedures

Prince of Wales Collegiate Lockdown Procedures

Other Useful Links

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