Each department is developing a website of information about their department and the courses they offer. Please check out each one for information on the classes and curriculum offered at PWC.

In addition, for curriculum night, departments have prepared videos to introduce themselves. These videos can be found on the websites of the departments or linked below (for those departments without websites).

Information on English 1201/1202/1204, 2201/2202/2203, 3201/3202/3221

Information on Math 1201/1202, 2201/2202/2200, 3201/3202/3200/3208

Information on Français 1202, 2202, 3202, Carrière et vie 2231, Core French 1200 and 3200, ESL 1205, 2205, 3205, 3206, and LEARN-2 Social Studies 701172 and LEARN-2 Science 701177.

Math Department Website

Information on Social Studies 1201/1202, 2201/2202, 3201/3202, NL Studies 2205, Career 2201, Consumer Studies 1202, Ethics and Philosophy/Ethics and Social Justice 2101/2106, World Religions 3101/3106, Entrepreneurship 3209.

Information on Science 1206, 2200, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Earth Systems

Information on Drama, Music, Art, Clothing and Textiles, Nutrition, Physical Education, Technology Education and Skilled Trades