Remembrance Day

As we all know, this year has been a different year. At PWC, as at so many places in the world, we felt we still needed to show our respect and admiration for those who have served and those who continue to serve. Mr. T. Howlett and Ms. P Grimes planned a beautiful virtual ceremony and with the help of Ms. L Foley, made the video you can view below.

The message from Mr. Howlett as he sent out the video to staff:

Running order of the video

- Video - Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly

- Last Post, minute of silence, the Rouse - Jenna Maloney (Class of 2020)

- Act of Remembrance - Morgan Oliver and Terry Howlett

- Video - Government of Canada

- In Flanders Fields - Rachel Moss and Pamela Grimes

- Video - Amanda Kennedy, Family Connections

- Video - Sing You Home by the Ennis Sisters

Huge thanks to all that helped in the above presentation. Plus to Leanna Foley for putting together the video that you are watching. And thank you to Bruce Brenton and Corey d'Entremont for your consultation on this project.

While this is a much different platform for us to hold a Remembrance Day Assembly, it is important that we still recognize the service of those that have allowed us to live the lives we lead now in a peaceful school, community, and country. To take a little time out of our day to recognize the sacrifice these people have made in past conflicts is the least we can do.

Thank you again for your support. Lest we forget.