The PWC staff has fun at Halloween!!

Ms Foley

Ms Kelly

The Office Staff

Mr. Elliott

Ms. Pearce

Ms. Hackett

Mr. Butler

Ms. Roberts

Ms. Foley

Ms. Rowsell

Mr Hehir

Ms Kennedy

SPARTS Department

Mr Clancy

Mr. Sing

Ms. Grimes

Mr. Howlett

Mr. Laing

Mr Brenton

Ms. Fewer

Mr. Squires

Ms. Gibbons

Special Services

Ms. Dooley

Mr Mallard

Ms. Clarke

Ms. Doyle

Ms. Smith

Ms. Woolridge

Ms. Ivory

Mr. d'Entremont

Ms. Eaton

Mr. Fitzgerald

Ms. Chafe

Ms. Jones

Ms. Shiroma

Ms Roberts

Halloween decorations in 210 with Ms. Foley!