Cavs Kudos

Unified Sports

We would like to say a huge congratulations to the students listed below!! On Friday, March 8th, more than 20 of our students went to Holy Heart to participate in a fantastic sporting event. Everyone had a great time and represented our school superbly!

Special Olympics Unified Sport promotes social inclusion through shared sport training and competition experiences for Special Olympic Athletes and Partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities). This program supports not only inclusion, but social development; as we know, education is more than academics, it is about supporting experiences involving citizenship and character building for our future leaders.

We have a large group of students who have been participating in this program since September. They meet once per week to practice and then participate in a tournament with Holy Heart. We are the only 2 schools in the metro region who are involved so far. The first sport was basketball, and a tournament followed in December here at PWC. The students just finished Bocce Ball with a tournament at Holy Heart on Friday. If you get a chance, please say a word of encouragement and congratulations to these amazing students. Not only do they volunteer their time, their kindness and friendship also brings smiles to many faces, both in the gym and outside. These students are very special people who deserve recognition.

The students involved are as follows:


  • Jimmy Flynn
  • Johnny Whitten
  • Brady Boland
  • Mason Grant
  • Dyvonte White
  • Olivia Power
  • Jane Parsons
  • Luke Whelan
  • Jamil Borne
  • Alexandra Stanford
  • Ashley Strickland
  • Hannah Samuelson
  • Nick Field


  • Dylan Anstey
  • Ben Williams
  • Madison Purchase
  • Zachary Hawco
  • Sean Drover (coordinator)
  • Ryyan Houssain
  • Julia Pitcher
  • Kaitlyn Squires
  • Haley Ann Druggett
  • Shakria Lahey Tucker
  • Nathan Chaulk (coach)

Teacher Sponsors

  • Lori Clarke
  • Cathy Woolridge
  • Brian Laing

Boomerang Bags

For the second year, PWC Clothing/Textiles students have been making Boomerang Bags. The goal of the project is to help cut down on single use plastic shopping bags. Students can keep the bag, or donate it to the Boomerang Bag program. Last year we donated more than 50. Some were rough, some, like Paulina’s, were perfect. For more information on the Boomerang Bag Project, find them on Facebook.